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Topic: *STRONG but refuted
Big APR 10 03
NO, Checked Script, APR 10 03

Big Lebowski APR 18 03
NO APR 21 02 unclear whether Watched or Checked Script

Christmas Story APR 10 03
NO, Watched, APR 11 03

Formula 51 APR 11 03
NO, Watched, APR 12 03 Also known as 51st State, The

Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, The APR 16 03
Originally radio, then audio, prose, TV and now a feature film as of April 29 2005
A MATCH JAN 04 04 reported for it "on DVD," but it's a special case because the report was on another site. First hand corroboration requested. Meantime we have a first-hand NO Watched FEB 01 04; and another NO Watched from the Original Poster APR 22 04.
No Checked prose (HHGG only) MAY 14 04
BUT SEE ALSO "Exceptional Cases" section for more on the books; they were given a "Yes" by an adamant poster on the original ssywak thread early in 2005.

Hudsucker Proxy, The APR 15 03
NO Checked Script, AUG 04 03; NO Watched APR 15 04

Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, The APR 15 03
Movie, about the pills
NO Checked Script Sep 04 04 used search on PDF file, no "it do," "anything," "beauty"

Kids in the Hall, The TV APR 15 03 by association
Vague match Checked Script Sep 04 04
[http://www.kithfan.org/work/transcripts/three/newdog.html] The website's "synopsis" for the transcript is "So, what does it do?" They date the sketch as 1991. Operant part: Kevin: [putting dog on floor] Here Tiggy. [sits down on couch]
Dave: So. Tsk, what does it do?
Kevin: Huh?
Dave: Tsk. [to the dog who doesn't move as Dave talks to her] Come on, lie down. Lie down. Roll over. Come on. Lie down. Roll over. Play dead. [to Kevin] What a useless dog!
Kevin: Huh?
Dave: It doesn't do anything. Gotta go Jerry. [gets up and walks towards door] Thanks for lettin' me see your dog.

Live a Little, Love a Little APR 12 03
A definite YES NOV 29 03
But NO, Watched 08 17 04 (by me, currently CLOSEST EARLIEST. I will elaborate.)

Lover Come Back JAN 10 04
NO Watched (by me) AUG 19 04 Closest it came was Q:"I have a right to know." A:"There's no such product as Vip." Vip was later created, and did something. It was not beautiful, what it did.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life APR 15 03
NO the machine that goes Ping, Checked Script MAY 02

Pulp Fiction APR 13 03
Should check Jules & Vincent re: foot massages APR 23 03
NO in general per constant viewing MAY 11 03

Raising Arizona APR 12 03

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins OCT 23 03
NO Watched OCT 29 03

Simpsons, The TV APR 12 03
Not any one specifically. I enter it here as each suggested ep gets shot down posthaste.

Simpsons, The TV AUG 13 03
Giant head. Some dispute over YES or NO Jan 12-14 04
NO, Checked script, I've lost the date of post

Simpsons, The TV JUL 04 04
Homer, Herb, drinking bird NO, Watched, APR 07 04. On MAY 13 04, a vision of the same scene but in live action was reported.

Star Trek IV JUN 22 03
Glasses scene, NO but Close (includes Beauty) JUN 22 03

Star Trek TNG TV APR 17 03
Season 4, "The Wounded" ep, Special case AUG 15 03. An exact match is reported, but on another site. Corroboration is requested, with specific air date. ST:TNG is quite late, and as much as I like ST (plenty), it never had an original thought in its 40 year history. On AUG 15 03 it was suggested they stole it from this thread. All they would have to have done is fly a boomerang trajectory around the sun.... Meantimes, a first-hand NO Checked Script FEB 03 04, for "Wounded" and all ep (except ep 2), also DS9 and all movies, and a NO Watched for "Wounded" from same source.

True Lies DEC 23 03
CLAIMED EXACT MATCH Schwarzenegger and Arnold, same wording, different emphasis. Needs corroboration.
NO Watched AUG 31 04

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory APR 11 03
NO, Checked Script, APR 11 03

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