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Topic: *STRONG not refuted
HERE is where to look for things to watch!

Bloodbath at the House of Death APR 14 03
And consider other Kenny Everett

Cash McCall JAN 10 04

Dr. Who TV APR 11 03
Special case, APR 12 03, in that Season 17 ep "The City of Death" contains a re-ordered and hyper-supercilious version of the full dialogue, is about the TARDIS, was written by Douglas Adams, and is an exchange between John Cleese and Eleanor Bron. Aired Fall 1979. It not only has every element to the Nth except early date, but is esthetically exquisite. See the APR 12 post for the attribution of this great answer.

Monty Python's Flying Circus TV APR 15 03
Suggested by inference

Office Space APR 18 03
Unclear NO AUG 11 03 (I'm confused here)

Real Genius APR 12 03
NO by Original Poster APR 25 03; but YES by long-time poster Watched MAY 11 04. Immediately NO Checked Script MAY 12 04 by another long time poster. Go figure. I'm putting this listing in NOT REFUTED, as a compromise.

Santa Claus: The Movie MAY 10 03
Moore line?

Saturday Night Live TV JUN 26 03
Spade/Meadows 900 # sketch

Star Trek TOS TV SEP 18 03
"Tribbles" ep, NO in Blish novelization(s) SEP 28 03

Toys APR 11 03

West Wing, The TV APR 22 03
Season 3, "Dead Irish Writers" ep
Pretty sure NO, Watched Dec 09 04
Poster qualified their report, and as the dialogue comes thick, fast, and at varied audio levels I'll leave it here.

Wheeler Dealers, The AUG 09 04

Wizard of Id FEB 13 04 Newspaper strip (daily cited)
The Wizard invents TV hundreds of years early, quote in last two panels, with The King (who is a fink). Need corroboration (date?, collection?)

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